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From $157K to $0….What are my options now?

29 July

I have learned some valuable lessons so far in the early stages of starting my own business:

1) Support from those who have walked this path before has come to me unsolicited and with genuine delivery hoping to help me avoid bumps in the road others have experienced

2) Starting a business has many, many more layers of complexity than I had ever imagined

3) Creating a website is more difficult than the simple Go-daddy instructions

4) Taking risks and putting your ideas out there only leads to more ideas, free flowing collaboration and incredible new partnerships

5) Progress comes in waves, it is important to have a surf board and water wings near by

6) Moments of elation are often followed by blitzes of blues and splashes of borderline sorrow

7) Giving up and working at a burger stand are not an option ( that is just the back up plan)

8) You do strange things under this type of stress, like become the proud new mother of 4 lively, sweet little chickens that steal your heart and like to sit in your lap

9) Remembering what you really CAN do without in life, all the bells and whistles, fluff and bling (do you REALLY need a pedicure…that is why I have a Dremel tool in the garage)

10) And, most of all; that those that love you, many that don’t know you but choose to support, uplift and believe in you, are the ones that help you realize that just about anything in life is possible if you are willing to try, try hard and not give up

Welcome to my new website, endless possibilities in safety, security and consultation support. Also, a place for sharing and growth within the profession, around building a business and learning more about life each and every day.