Security Specialists

KO Security Triage delivers dynamic safety, security, awareness and accountability solutions and testimony to you, your business and your clients. We provide informed and deliberate consultation through vigorous assessment and analysis based on your specific needs.

Service Excellence

KO Security Triage, LLC, provides top of the line, reliable, consistent communication and security services. Our priority is to provide world class customer service to our client base. Every customer has unique requirements and will have those needs addressed efficiently, effectively and with personal attention to detail.

We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services. In doing our work, we will:

  • Give highest priority to safety, security, efficiencies and effectiveness of service product and presence
  • Be ethical, honest, courteous, professional and respect confidentiality
  • Be helpful
  • Provide accurate information in plain language
  • Work with all customers to promote continuous improvement and better practice in identified service areas
  • Be accountable for our actions
  • Be fair and unbiased in our actions and decision making
  • Seek feedback on our products and services and use the information to monitor quality and to continuously improve
  • Welcome comments, suggestions and complaints
  • Analyze comments and complaints individually, and review collectively to identify and respond to any systemic issues
  • Consult, on a regular basis, with representatives of the safety, security, law enforcement and consumer base
  • Be customer-focused and efficient