Security Specialists

KO Security Triage delivers dynamic safety, security, awareness and accountability solutions and testimony to you, your business and your clients. We provide informed and deliberate consultation through vigorous assessment and analysis based on your specific needs.


Crisis Management:

Task specific focus and framework, response guidance for life or business threat

Emergency Preparedness:

Tailored training and operational readiness

Business Continuity Plans:

‘What if…’ preparation so business can continue to function even with impact

Policy & Procedure Review and Creation:

Refreshed or created policy statements that share the company philosophy, values and mission

Tabletop Exercise Training:

Realistic scenario based training that delivers lasting impact and profound awareness around actions, behaviors and responses under stressful conditions

Travel Safety:

Procedural and operational frameworks built for all levels of an organization prior to and during travel

Physical & Operational Security Assessments:

Premise and grounds crime prevention through environmental design assessments to mitigate risk and enhance quality of life experience for those using the grounds

Compliance Assessments:

Review of actual existing human behaviors in conjunction with existing policy, procedure and best practice.   Identification of training issues, equipment issues or employee theft/malfeasance

Loss Prevention Training & Development:

Process improvement and reduction in losses through thorough loss prevention education and program development based on identified needs


Scrupulous, thorough internal investigations, fact finding with mindful documentation

Expert Witness Testimony:

Foundational and seasoned experience in law enforcement, domestic violence, crime prevention through environmental design, security, policy  and procedure


For more information about the professional security services offered by KO Security Triage and the benefits afforded your company… please contact us!