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SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!! Where do I start?

27 August

After what seems like a life time of a steady pay check every 2 weeks (at least since I was 14 years of age and now I am ancient), not even thinking about whether or not there will be money to fill a carefully budgeted lifestyle, suddenly, I have to think about it.  It is much like learning to walk again, starting over in establishing credibility and income as a solo operator without a Fortune 500 or Public Sector stamp hovering along side of your name.

So, where do you start when you begin the hunt for a new every other week pay check gig and the right thing doesn’t surface quickly?  Do you compromise and take the first thing that comes along even though  it really won’t pay the bills? Do you try to convince yourself that the right job is right around the corner so you just have to hang on? Do you listen to those who love you and don’t want to see you be sad, depressed or forlorn who say, ‘You just wait, it won’t be much longer.’  Or, do you come to the realization that no one else is going to do it for you and if the economy stays as it is today, and you sit on your laurels too long, are you going to have to sell all of your possessions, have weekly car wash/bake sales just to make enough to buy feed for the chickens?

With all of that in mind, this is what I have had to do so far when beginning the process of starting my own business.  Beware; this is from my perspective, not a text book, nor a well studied and orchestrated strategic business plan.  I have been fortunate to have perfect strangers reach out to me and share the bumps they had in the road with hopes to keep me from experiencing the same:

1) Decide on a business type, name, target audience and geography based on your strong suits

2) Create a logo, vision, mission statement and list of services

3) Purchase your e-domain names (check out Go-Daddy as one option, relatively user friendly and you can talk to a real person if you need to)

4) Invest in a good web designer if you are not savvy with web design and maneuvering the back end of these types of systems (will require some level of investment, mine was around $1000 with the bits and pieces here and there, hosting for a year…)

5) Update your LinkedIn profile so that all of those you have networked with or have potential to become connected to can see the direction you are headed. ***This is key; you will be pleasantly surprised by those wonderful souls that reach out to you to share their learning’s, offer strategic alliances, fabulous support and direction.

6) Determine what kind of marketing approach you will take; good ole’ fashioned post office mailings, Google Adds (just starting to understand that potential goldmine, more to come), LinkedIn blitzes, magazine adds….As I learn more about what demonstrates a true return on investment, I will share.

7) Wish on lots-and-lots-and-lots of stars in the heavens for strong, streaming, relevant business to begin coming your way.

Oh, and one more thing; consider not putting all of your eggs in one basket.  Don’t stop your search for that steady, every two week potential pay check, consider multiple business ventures at the same time with fingers and toes crossed that multiple revenue streams will ebb and flow yet settle into the same pool keeping you afloat.

KO Security Triage has just begun and has lots of strong experience and expertise in both the public and private sectors to share with you and your business.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance to you!

Call it Risk Management, Risk Mitigation, Risk Mashed Potatoes or Risk Maple Syrup

21 August

Managing or mitigating risk to a level that is acceptable to all stakeholders is not an easy task.  In fact, it can be especially challenging when C-Suite focus is on visions of ‘business specific’ operations and ingenuity as opposed to layers of physical or IT security.  An August 17, 2012 article from CFO Magazine titled, ‘C-Suite Slipping on Information Security Study Finds,’ by Taylor Provost,  focuses specifically on IT security yet could easily be overlaid across physical security applications as well.

It really does not matter what you call it; risk management, risk mitigation, thick and buttery risk mashed potatoes or sticky and sweet risk maple syrup, the driving focus for loss prevention professionals is to stay in front of negative impact to the business whether it be to people, assets or the brand. Our focus as loss prevention professionals is also to create systems, processes, policies and procedures that minimize impact to the business, people, assets and brand when an ‘event’ occurs. Because C-Suite leaders are in fact people, human beings, their focus is generally on that which accelerates bottom line growth, future strategic development and anything that sheds positive light on business and product.  Safety, security and risk mitigation are typically not viewed as money generators and become simply a cog in the wheel that does not get attention unless it gets a bur in it.

Coming from Law Enforcement into the private sector demonstrated for me that patterns of behavior for people when it comes to mitigating risk or managing risk are truly the same—across cultures, across business formats, into personal environments and settings.  For the most part, people would rather deal with the positives in life and do not necessarily see physical security or information security preventative measures as critical facets to maintain a healthy, productive, efficient and progressive business or life. So, as security professionals, it will always be a welcomed challenge to be strategic and innovative change agents presenting creative yet accurate return on investment business cases to C- Suite leaders outside of the peaks of investment made following a loss or a crisis.

Those energies, points of brilliance should never stay the same (even if the risks are similar yet different).  Environment changes, deviant cognition and cleverness change, business changes, economy changes—the only real veins of consistency are that we are dealing with human beings and doing everything we can to lessen negative impact on the business, brand, people and assets if and when an incident occurs.  It is up to us, not them, to peak C-Suite interest. It appears, based on the research in Taylor Provost’s article that interest has dipped yet again.  Time again to sweeten their appetite, dress it up a bit whether it is with a sweet syrup topping or buttery batch of mashed potatoes—that is our job. KO Security Triage can help you and your business with some of that strategic heavy lifting and key ingredients.

From $157K to $0….What are my options now?

29 July

I have learned some valuable lessons so far in the early stages of starting my own business:

1) Support from those who have walked this path before has come to me unsolicited and with genuine delivery hoping to help me avoid bumps in the road others have experienced

2) Starting a business has many, many more layers of complexity than I had ever imagined

3) Creating a website is more difficult than the simple Go-daddy instructions

4) Taking risks and putting your ideas out there only leads to more ideas, free flowing collaboration and incredible new partnerships Continue Reading →